Good to be almost all together

Post date: Apr 19, 2013 9:59:9 AM

Snoutfair - a person with a pretty countenance (face) "When Tony looks at me he sees a snoutfair"

Wonder-wench - a sweetheart "Maria is Tim's wonder wench"

Lunting - walking while smoking a pipe." Your Pop looked like Sherlock Holmes as he went luntling with Gran"

Groak - to watch someone eating while hoping to be asked to join them. "Lily is the best groaner we know"

Jirble - to pour out a drink with a shaky hand - like "she jirbles the milk to make the pattern on the coffee"

Curglaff - the shock felt when first entering the cold water - "The curglaff hit her way too hard and almost stopped Maria having her swim"

Spermologer - a collector of trivia and current news "Adrian, the eternal spermologer read from the Civilian to keep his family amused"

Resistentialism - the seemingly spiteful behaviour shown by inanimate objects " Sandra was burned agian by the the toaster in its typical show off resistentialism"

Sitting n the lounge with Tony, Adrian and Maria. All of us are in our own electronic devices - So a whole lot of parallel play. In the picture Adrian is extolling the benefits of his "Smash Daniells" cocktail

Adrian sent me a list of English words that should never have been dropped