It's the pictures that got small

Post date: Sep 12, 2014 10:38:47 PM

Good morning family,

On Thursday night I went to Melbourne's historic Astor Theatre, a gorgeous old Art Deco cinema in St Kilda to watch a $13 double feature of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. These are two recently released Marvel films I had wanted to see at the cinema this year but at $17 each even on the cheap nights at Hoyts I had elected not to. The films were very enjoyable (particularly the former) but the theatre itself is absolutely gorgeous, reminds me of a more ornate version of the one on Cuba Street:

Sadly it is shutting down in May so I won't get the chance to take any of you there! I will be going heaps more though, almost every week there are things I want to see (Tarantino double features, the original restored print of Citizen Kane, both Ghostbusters films etc etc). The only issue with the double feature was that it did not finish until 12:15am! Still, for $6.50 a film it was definitely worth it. I also think this may have been me hitting 20/21 films for the year-to-date, so I'm certainly making good on my New Year's Resolution!

Finally, there has been a lot of election billboard graffiti I have found amusing this campaign but this one is the only one that has made me actually laugh out loud. I suspect 3/4 of my immediate family members may react similarly: