Butt out?

Post date: Jul 06, 2012 8:57:59 AM

As we were driving we were listening to radio and were fascinated by the item about the robotic bottom. Apparently Japanese have created a robotic set of buttocks That will quiver if poked, stick out when rubbed and generally respond to both positive and negative touch. It's default position is apparently a slight wobble.

The big news abouth this is that it does mean that robotics is taking the next step and could be able to respond to touch both positive and negative ( pokes are negative, rubs positive for bottoms so we are told)

Watching rugby looking hard for Maria and Tim who are there. Sonny Bill inctedible

Tony and I in New Plymouth for weekend - no reason because we can while we have Adrian to look after Lly. Not. Another weekend for us to do this. Next weekend Maria is down and the following weekend we farewell Adrian.

Had v pleasant trip - left a grey drizzly Wellington and the weather did improve as we hoped. Just before we got to New Plymouth the mountain emerged from cloud So this was our view.