It's a capitalist's world out there

Post date: Nov 12, 2012 9:21:40 AM

Just another of those times when things are not quite what they seem.

The American toy firm that bought out the game patent couldn't abide the socialism inherent in this part of the game so second round dropped and capitalism wins. It does get a bit worse - Hasbro put a story about the origins of Monopoly out that said game was invented by an unemployed man during Depression and that he made money out of it. But this was fiction.

Apparently Monopoly was originally invented in 1904 by a woman who wanted to show how land grabbing wasn't the ideal way for a society. Yes the original version called The Landlords Game had two rounds - the first we would recognise where it is each person for themselves and there is one winner and several losers - the rich get richer and the peasants get saddled with higher rents. The second round in the original game involved a cooperative approach where all shared the land and the rewards of same.

Sorry gaps between posts are v long. As you know I have been struggling for last couple of weeks - getting better but still flopping at end of day.

Anyway enough of the excuses. Saw some information today about Monopoly that I thought Adrian, Stacey and Tim might enjoy - Mark and Maria you are the information carriers!!