Memory Lane

Post date: Mar 26, 2016 9:27:8 AM

At movies tonight we saw our long time friends Mary and Barry - Mark used to babysit their boys (Steffan & Will initially and later Tom who is now 16) They were asking after you all. Tony and Mary went to Otago University together in the mid 1970s.

Tomorrow is Akaroa for a birthday lunch. We will join Adrian and Ginny and 8 of us will have Lucy - probably a smaller number will go looking for crabs under rocks on the beach after lunch. It was about this time 27 years ago I went into labour.

Has been a lovely 2 days so far in Christchurch. Maria and Tim organised a Police house so we are incredibly comfortable in a house with lots of space. We have seen lots of Nana and Jenny - incredibly both have quickly said Yes to almost any social event we suggest so we have been out to lunch today to Gran's favourite place - Brewers Arms - for lunch and then to movie at The Palms tonight.There has been lots of checking out old haunts - Hagley Park, drive past Weston Rd, Meshino (the cafe close to Gran's village where she could walk to until the last few years, Paparoa St School

Photo taken at Brewers Arms. Jenny and Nana even had the toasted sandwich option - Gran could never go past that.