Playing Possum

Post date: Jan 19, 2012 4:44:21 AM

Interesting article in news today about the New York subway that had to be evacuated when a possum was discovered in a carriage. apparently rats, mce and pigeons are frequent subway riders but this was the first possum - and it didn't want to get off!

Train guards went to send it off - but possum bared it's teeth so "wildlife experts" were called in.

Wonder how much time that all took and how various passengers reacted to the delays - can only imagine that it wouldn't ahve gone down well in Wellington or London.

Maybe in London people are more resigned to delays - especially on the circle line!

Less energetic day today being back at work not climbing hills aka mountains on Kapiti.

Tonight we are going out to dinnner at a Malasian steamboat restaurant in Petone - should be fun.

Tomorrow Tony heads down to Chch for the long weekend.

Take care



Ps Saw some jokes in the Metro which I liked

What do you get if you cross Piha with a celebutante (a little known celebruty)?

An overrated little beach

What do you get if cross the Auckland Domain with transcendental meditation?

Museum peace

what do you get if you cross Boobs on Bikes with the 6 o'clock news?

A breast screeening programme