The Red House

Post date: Mar 23, 2013 9:2:12 AM

Tonight Tony and I went to see new NZ movie called The Red House. While the story is fictional there are very autobiographical elements to it. The 2 main actors are the film makers parents - her ecological activist Pakeha father and her Chinese mother. Couple live in a red house (yep title comes from this) on what I think is Great Barrier Island. Parents play themselves.In movie the mother gets called back to China to look after frail parents.

It felt v much like watching a Maurice Gee or Jack Lasenby book. I found it v slow. Tony liked it more than me. The love between the coupe, was very beautiful

Maria will laugh though when I say that my interest waned as I watched the dirty, actually filthy, houses in both places. When he could draw across spiders webs like a curtain then I had no sympathy!!