Post date: Apr 25, 2012 11:28:39 AM

Aposiospesis is for me a common experience - it apparently means the breaking off of a thought.

Am in the midst of reading the Bill Bryson book on the history of the English language and it contains a wealth of trivia and interest.

I knew that Shakespeare had created words and phrases but was not aware of the magnitude - apparently 10% of the over 17,000 words Shakespeare wrote he made up. These include words like majestic, obscene, gust, hint, hurry, countless and many more. The people who have laboured over the linguistics tell us that in his earlier writing Shakespeare created words to do with the senses like fragrant, brittle and snow-white in his later years the new words were more about psychological states like lonely

A vast number of common phrases he is also responsible for like to be in a pickle, vanish into thin air, bag and baggage and flesh and blood among countless others.

Wonder if Shakespeare ever suffered from Aposiopesis?