A supposedly artistic thing (I will never do again)

Post date: Jul 11, 2015 10:41:38 AM

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago Ginny's friend Beth asked her if we'd help with an art project she was doing. Ginny kindly said yes for both of us so two weeks ago I found myself being filmed in my underwear in the spare room at Karl and Livvie's on the coldest night of the year. Here are the photos I took at the exhibition (it was a video so these aren't the best and I have spared you the more graphic ones!):

I am happy to say the shoot itself was very relaxed but watching people at the exhibition watching a video of me undressed was extremely disconcerting!

Anyway, I have had a long day of packing and moving but have got all my stuff into the new house, ready for the movers to bring my bed and chest of drawers next Friday. Heading over to Ginny's now to relax with some Netflix. Enjoy your weekends!!!