On being a dragon

Post date: Jan 24, 2012 3:22:6 AM

A couple of news articles on birth that caught my imagination today. The first is that today is the start of the Chinese new

Year and this marks the start of the year of the water dragon, occurs once every 60 years. Babies born in the year of the water dragon are meant to be especially lucky and especially talented. It would seem that many Chinese couples were pre-planning for this as there are no maternity beds available in Hong Kong in August already! None of you appear to be dragon babies - not of the water or any other kind.

The other news is a little more puzzling -research from the UK which links your birth month with your likely career. Now given that this was accompanied by a comment that children born at the height of summer - in August- are more likely to become brick layers. Now this makes me wonder if for the three of you, or perhaps the five of us, who were born in the southern hemisphere need to turn the months on their heads. If we do that then me being born in Dec could be a chief executive ? Mark a bricklayer or a President ! adrian a parking warden or an artist. whatever you do may you enjoy itLove Sandra/Mum