Learning patience

Post date: Jan 28, 2016 9:21:13 AM

I am learning patience it seems. On Tuesday this week I was interviewed for role as City Missioner for Auckland City Mission. Recruitment process so far taken nearly 2 months. Was told that the Board would be making a decision on Tuesday night and preferred candidate contacted on Wednesday morning.

By Wednesday afternoon when no word had come I came to the (reasonable) conclusion that I was not preferred candidate.

Disappointed doesn't start to describe it.

This afternoon recruitment agency called to say decision not made and Board going to take a week to consider.

Am left very much up in the air. Part of me is joyful - I still have a chance at a job I think is exciting and combines my spiritual life and my passion for improving people's lives.

There's another part of me that is thinking -"Oh No, it might be another week and I'll still potentially be disappointed". The 3rd part is wondering how if I get the job I could work with a Board that takes 8 days to make a same day decision.