Better late (for the train) than dead on time

Post date: Nov 03, 2016 9:0:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Woke up to this article about some art on my train line this morning. I haven't seen it myself yet because now that I don't work in the city I don't catch the train as much but I'm sure if I haven't seen it by the end of December I will check it out with mum and dad!!

Ginny and I went for a walk in the cemetery they talk about in the article earlier this year; it is the oldest cemetery in the city since the arrival of European settlers however chances are I will visit the site of Melbourne's original European cemetery when mum and dad visit too: Victoria Market! Many of the original graves from there were moved to Fawkner Cemetery when they decided the land was of more use to the living than the dead.

Fawkner Cemetery is easily the biggest I have ever visited and itself was the site of a murder by one of Australia's most infamous serial killers: Peter Dupas, who killed a young woman visiting her grandmother's grave. Dupas' 'signature' was removing a breast from his victims, all female.

I hope this is enough morbidity for a Friday morning! If not then here is a picture of one of the restored mortuary carriages mentioned in the article: