Virtual reality

Post date: Feb 02, 2016 11:51:5 PM

PS - Thanks to Judanism who posted her brother's birthday cake on Fliker! Virtually perfect.

The virtual linkages work really well most of the time and we are so lucky to have them. Compare that to Mabel and Alex leaving Scotland in 1957 and never again sharing a birthday with a member of their extended family. Or Flora, Fred and their mother Isa even earlier.

But at times of family celebration (frequent) and commiseration (fortunately much less frequent) our virtual reality has its limitations.

We are thinking of you and Stacey today - as we do every day. There are even more virtual hugs and kisses flowing your way. There will be a virtual glass raised to you tonight and a virtual cake shared. Hopefully we will really talk to you.

With love as ever

It is now Mark's birthday on both sides of the world. Happy birthday Mark. This is another year where we virtually share cake with you. I was trying to work out when the last time we really shared cake with you - I think 10 years ago on your birthday.

And then for anyone's birthday it was probably my 50th - so seven years ago.