Auckland Easter

Post date: Apr 19, 2014 6:51:47 AM

It is just a few degrees warmer here but of course Maria and Tim's company is the clincher! I chose this photo because it has a story that you can see Maria is not telling. We were a Cooper's Creek wine tasting for people and dogs....Maria particularly loved the dogs... which oddly did not appear in this picture

As you can see even in Auckland the weather is turning.

It is Easter and after two awful weeks of weather in Wellington we managed to escape to the less windy, warmer climes Auckland. Escape was quite an apt description because several flights were cancelled because of a new, to me, phenomenon, 'wind shear'. Apparently this : is a difference in wind speed and direction over a relatively short distance in the atmosphere. Wind shear can be broken down into vertical and horizontal components, with horizontal wind shear seen across fronts and near the coast, and vertical shear typically near the surface, though also at higher levels in the atmosphere near upper level jets and frontal zones aloft.

Interestingly it can cause sounds to be heard in places you would not expect them to be (away from the source) but more importantly for us, it can cause accidents during planes taking off and landing. Eventually with the Koru lady almost in tears because people were sticking around waiting for cancelled flights, we boarded hours two hours late at 11 pm! Escape it was!