Post date: Feb 03, 2014 11:12:4 PM

We had a great night last night thanks to our children. I know Maria was the instigator/bossy one/manipulator but she insists all children were involved. Giuseppe at Mariluca was full of stories of the negotiations with Maria. "quite a daughter you have" he said several times.Maybe it was the result of the good champagne you provided or the lovely Merlot from Fruili we added or the motto on wall behind us "In vino veritas" but we had some very reflective conversations about how lucky we feel to be able to share a long, mostly very happy, marriage; three children and respective partners who we love, admire and enjoy spending time with; close extended family and a bright long-term future.

We hope our children know how much they mean to us and how proud we are of their good looks, intelligence and ability to make good lives for themselves.

We felt truly blessed and honoured last night to be your parents

Not sure if we will be at Mariluca to celebrate our second 35 years (I will be 90 and Tony 93) but hope we will be toasting it somewhere!!