Getting in on the action

Post date: Jan 13, 2012 7:12:2 PM

Hi guys!!

I figured everyone else was having fun blogging so it better be my turn.

News from Auckland - I have an interview at the SPCA today! In a couple of hours, in fact. If they accept me I'll be their newest volunteer at what they call the "Doggery" - meaning I get to play with puppies (probably more likely do endless poo patrols) one Saturday a month :-)

Also we are looking at this house today - - which I desperately want as it is adorable. If not this one, we have several more places lined up to check out this week. Competition is FIERCE, huge turnouts to all the viewings we have been to so far, but hopefully the Kirby/Boyd and Johnston wit and charm can work wonders for us today.

Tonight Tim & I move into the Divers' house to look after Lou while they are in Pauanui. First time I've been there since Christmas - I'll be thinking of you, Wellington family!

Having said all this I best get my A into G and get to Mangere.

All my love, today and every day.

Maria AKA Ria AKA Muzz