Finger pointing

Post date: May 17, 2012 9:30:49 AM


It is incredible that this has got as far as a law suit - it will really get nasty one would think.

Reminds me of that quote "When you point your finger at someone remember there are three fingers pointing right back at you"

Great image for that

The school when contacted appeared to have a different view - and maybe young woman could have succeeded had she

  1. turned up to classes

  2. done the assigned work

  3. completed assignments

How unreasonable of the school . . .

Back home tonight - v tired but happy. Been catching up on the news and saw this delightful piece from Australia.. Young Australian woman is suing her high school because her school grades were not good enough to get into the law course she wanted at Sydney University. The school she says "did not give her the support she needed to really excel". Her mother is also suing the school on the grounds that she had to give up her chocolate fortune cookie business to support her daughter.