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posted 31 Jul 2014, 01:49 by Adrian Kirby
Hi everyone,

The Melbourne International Film Festival starts today and, in keeping with my New Year's Resolution to see more films* I will be going to a few. I got my first ticket today for a film tomorrow night, probably the film I am most excited about seeing

Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets, a documentary about one of my favourite 90s bands directed by a New Zealander.

On Saturday, if I can get a ticket, I will be going to

Boyhood, by Richard Linklater. As a director, I run hot-and-cold on Linklater who I feel has directed several brilliant films (Dazed & Confused, Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight) but also one of the worst films I've ever seen (Waking Life) among other, less notable films, but Boyhood seems fascinating as it is the story of a boy as he grows from 6 - 18 filmed gradually between 2002 and 2014. Should be interesting at least!

After that (if I can be bothered seeing two films back-to-back, considering Boyhood is 2.5 hours) I will see the documentary that has director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Be Kind Rewind) having conversations with one of my heroes, Noam Chomsky

in the endearingly oddly named Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?

Then my trip to Auckland interrupts more potential viewing but when I come back I intend to see

God Help the Girl, the directoral debut of Belle & Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch starring a little actress known as Cassie from Skins/Gilly from Game of Thrones.

So, yeah, that's me for the next little while.

Have the Auckland & Wellington film festivals been yet? Anything you can recommend me (barring Calvary which I may yet see on Monday!)?

*my initial plan to go to Cinema Nova's $9 night every Monday has fallen by the wayside but I have still seen at least 12 this year by my quick count, twice what I managed in all of 2013!