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posted 26 Sept 2014, 00:46 by Sandra Kirby
Today has been Arthritis Appeal collection - the seventh since I started.  This morning saw me at the railway station at 7am
and pretty much out till 3.  At least this year I could - last year I ended up being receptionist as I couldn't stand for too many hours.
One of the things that has struck me this year more than previously is how heavily we rely on family members to do this.  I am conscious that today Una had a collection bucket at her office; Nana was collecting at Barrington Mall this afternoon and Maria is collecting tomorrow.  Noel and Liz usually collect but were heading off to Hanmer today for a family reunion for Noel.  When boat delayed Noel came to find me and made substantial (guilt) donation because he couldn't shake a bucket.  
But not just my family - the Tawa and Porirua collections all day today were handled by teams of staff& families and I think just about every staff member had at least one family person out with them.  One of the team members is flying out tonight for a month overseas but she and her husband collected until 3 pm . . .
Moral - beware the impact of a family member working for a charity

The orange morph in the photo is a student - 1 of 4 we employed for that early morning stint to be "Arthritis it might surprise you" Did create talking/ photo opportunity and I think created more donations