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posted 15 Mar 2012, 02:20 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 16 Mar 2012, 01:46 by Mark Kirby ]
Writing this from Dunedin.  

Been here for research meeting today which was v mixed. A v interesting presentation on the effectiveness of yoga for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and the challenges of standardizing yoga for a research project.  Another presentation noted that NZ has a rate of smoking in general population of around 21% but the rate of smoking for people with RA is over 30%. Unlike for Alzheimer's (where there is evidence that smoking might help) for RA the evidence is that smoking makes the disease much worse.  There were also some incredibly technical presentations on gene associations which were v hard to follow.  

I had hoped to have dinner with Garry and Rose but Garry was admitted to hospital in Clyde at the weekend and Rose headed back up there today.  Garry apparently has cellulitis which is v nasty and wasn't responding to antibiotics.

I haven't heard anything from the recruitment agency that is doing the new ALAC role, at this point I am expecting a "TBNT" such is life.