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Beyond - imagining

posted 10 Mar 2014, 02:19 by Sandra Kirby
Tonight Tony and I went to a Festival event ( my second; Tony's first) called beyond Got last minute tickets for $20 and feel v v clever as show was sold out.  It was billed as circus but could equally have been called theatre or dance.  The company is from Brisbane and is apparently as famous as Cirque du Soleil
Not sure about that but I do know that what these people could do with their bodies was fantastical and we were not alone in being absolutely entranced by show.  We were in front row so we did get up close view and could see the efforts involved.  There was at least as much effort as the average tennis player but less vocalisation!! There was a tennis racquet involved in one part - man wove himself through a tennis racquet (minus strings) incredible 
This picture is not from the NZ show but does give a better idea of the kind of movements that were made than the single images I can find for the show we saw.
Both of us know this was 
Beyond our experience
Beyond our expectations 
Beyond our skill