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The last of the generation

posted 17 Sept 2015, 02:51 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 23 Sept 2015, 01:53 ]
On Wednesday morning this week we got news that Tony's aunt Anna had died quite suddenly this week.  Was a shock, as although we knew she had been in pain and increasingly immobilised we did not know she was that close to death's door.  Apparently she had a fall last week, went to hospital and initially looked like she was recovering but at the weekend went  downhill very fast
Funeral was today We had managed to get Jenny up yesterday so Marie, Jenny, Tony and I were there to say goodbye to Anna.  For Tony, Marie and Jenny this is the last of the generation above us from the Kirby clan.  It is a scary thought to think our generation suddenly becomes the seniority in the family.
As we gathered at the funeral today Jenny was looking at the photo at the bottom here and said "I remember Fred and Anna like that.  It looks like Bette's wedding". (Bette was Flora and Fred's younger sister; Nick and Katrina's mother) Louise told us that This photo was taken at Bette's wedding and what's more Jenny had been in the photo but cropped out for this use!  
Was great to be there as a family supporting Ruth, Louise and Craig as Ruth & Louise had supported us at the time of Flora's death.