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Their motto is "For the good of the game"

posted 2 Jun 2015, 19:05 by Sandra Kirby
There is a meeting I wish I was attending for the sheer historic/hysteric nature of it.
FIFA - the international football (soccer) federation - annual meeting was being held in Geneva over the last week.  People started gathering on Wednesday.  By Thursday morning nine FIFA officials and five senior staff had been arrested facing corruption charges following investigations in Europe and the USA.  At least one Vice President in that number so quite far reaching.
Part of the AGM agenda was to vote for President.  Sepp Blatter, at a mere 79 was standing for his fifth successive term as President.  Some speculation that he would stand down or at least delay the vote while these serious charges were being addressed.  His response - "Why would I step down? That would mean I recognise that I did wrong,"  This now appears prophetic - last night he stood down 
Did you know FIFA has more representatives (209) than the UN (193)?
Wonder if they will be changing mission and tagline statements?