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The Future is Now!

posted 16 Jan 2013, 13:32 by Mark Kirby   [ updated 16 Jan 2013, 13:44 ]
In the future we will also all wear leather jacketsAs you guys know, I love Tech, so this is a very good time for me to be alive. Working in IT I get to fiddle about with of cool stuff as soon as it comes out.. or at least as soon as I can convince a executive person into buying it. 

There have been a few things that have come out recently that have make me think "Wow, the future really is now." Windows 8 is superflash and I love the new Leap controller that is coming out however what has blown me away is Google's Project Glass. That right there is the future and I am so excitied by the possibilities... as with anything it will be full of bugs and other flaws when it comes out but these will be ironed out and by the time we get Google Glass v3.0 everyone will have one and we will be more Sci-Fi than Star Trek.

The best thing about this is that it's not just some Google concept design for release in the next decade, there are a couple of companies making these right now and their consumer release is immenent... All I need to do now is convince some rich exec to buy one! 

This has been floating around the web a while now so it might be old news to you now but on the off chance you didn't know about it; behold the future... maybe. 

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