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The earth must have moved

posted 28 Aug 2015, 02:38 by Tony Kirby   [ updated 28 Aug 2015, 02:39 ]
Couple Reportedly Having Sex at French Castle Dies After Falling 40 Feet Into MoatMaria and Tim - this is a warning message.  In a few short weeks you will be touring Europe.  One of the things that is most notable for any couple from NZ visiting Europe is that the countries are full of castles and cathedrals.  It can be pretty heady stuff.  However don't get carried away like the french couple who were making love on a castle wall.  Not sure if the earth moved for them - or they were just too energetic - but they fell together and unfortunately their naked bodies were found in moat.  Pretty amazing castle.  Yet another reason why public displays of affection are dangerous.
PS - you might or might not guess this is not really Tony!!