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The cheesecake effect

posted 10 Sept 2015, 01:27 by Sandra Kirby
This is actually a post from Bex
I'm the interests of family history I thought it should be blogged although I know we have shared the news already.
e-mail received Tuesday

As you have may have gathered from the title, there is good news to be had! We had hoped Mike could tell you in person, but he went to Whakapapa for the weekend and had two fillings yesterday, so was sore and not feeling very social last night. He's off to Chch today on the ferry. 

Yes - Sandra, your cheesecakes must have finally got the better of us! Just before he left for New Zealand, Mike asked if I would be interested in marrying him. I said, "That'd be awesome!" - followed by, "Does that mean we're engaged?" He said yes that does, if I'm into it. Which I am. So, we are! 

You guys have been a lovely, supportive and constant part of our lives together, and we both really appreciate the time you've given us and the (usually short notice!) hospitality. It has meant a lot to both of us. 

No dates etc have been set, as Mike left on an Emirates flight about 15 minutes after this happened. We will crack a bottle of champagne on his return and maybe think about planning! We haven't told many people yet, and are keeping it off Facebook etc so we can try tell a few people in person, but I wanted you guys to know! A

Can't wait to see you all in October, and get merry Mark and Stacey style - I am so looking forward to it!

Lots of love,

Bex xx