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The art of a mini-break

posted 14 May 2016, 14:42 by Sandra Kirby
As my Mother's Day gift Tony gifted us a night away in Martinborough.  It takes around an hour to get from our place to Martinborough but the reality of putting dog in kennels and packing up puts a different light on the trip.  It has been wonderful and feels extravagant.  Luxury - and not in the Monty Python way.  
The villa is very close to the centre of town - so literally 100m to large square in centre of the village.  Having got here by car it has been parked for 24 hours as we have wandered it just sat.

There was research a few years ago that was circulated quite widely at the time that short breaks built more memories for people and therefore provided a better psychological effect.  Interesting isn't it that many happy memories are centred around holiday times?  

The challenge for families like ours is that to see each other requires the investment in a long holiday - like 5 of us did in October 2015 and 2 of us will do in August 2016.  I think these times are a particular treasure - at a whole different level.  However this mini brak has been a genuine gift.  I feel blessed and refreshed.