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Talented but not nice

posted 6 Jan 2015, 22:59 by Sandra Kirby
Last night Tony and I went to see movie "Mr Turner" which was described as a "myopic epic". It was loosely based on the last 25 years of JWM (called William)  Turners life.  
There is no doubting Turner's artistic talent - some of his paintings hang in National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.  He was considered the father of English impressionists - a bit ahead of the Frnch impressionists such as Renoir.  This picture is one of the trains coming through the countryside.  This was shown quite evocatively in movie - with the steam from train obliterating the views of the country . . . 
He was very popular until such time as the young Queen Victoria said she didn't like them - then he lost quite a lot of patronage.

However according to the movie, and at least some of this Wikipedia endorses, this overweight, unfortunate looking man was quite a womaniser with at least 2 or possibly 3 lovers simultaneously.  It didn't appear to be his looks or his conversation (mostly grunts) that created his sexual charisma