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Step inside love

posted 4 Aug 2015, 02:50 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 5 Aug 2015, 15:26 ]
I was sad to hear yesterday that 72 year old Cilla Black died.  Cilla was a very popular singer in my childhood; a peer of The Beatles in the mid to late 60s. She had her own TV show for which theme song was "Step inside love"  Last year she retired from the British TV shows she had been an occasional presenter or panelist on due to her arthritis and deafness.  Blamed the deafness on the lack of ear protection in the Cavern Club; the arthritis probably not related to her career but painful and debilitating.
Needless to say lots of sentimental reflections in media - imagine much more so in the UK.  Cilla visited NZ in the late 60s.
Great photo from the time of her getting out of taxi wearing the then v modern, trendy hot pants.  Picture caused a stir at the time with head of the Society for Protection of Community Standards (yes really was called that) saying she could see pubic hair.  I think Patricia Bartlett (from SPCS) had either X-ray vision or a vivid imagination.
Certainly photo is not the most flattering - even if she had very nice legs