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Sounds delicious

posted 18 Apr 2012, 03:33 by Sandra Kirby
Hi guys 
A caramelised locust is used to decorate a cake made of insects at the University of Wageningen.Well certainly feel like I've paid for my two days off with a 14 hour work day today and looking like similar tomorrow:-(
Won't detract from the lovely break we had.
Today's news has had many trouble stories - the rebuild of Chch; should the cardboard cathedral go ahead or not; how implicated is John Key in the Auckland Convention Centre and Casino deal (very is the answer).  But none of these match Maria's news of new job - and only her second application - three of us can feel very jealous.

But the REAL news is the launch of a new cookbook - and one I hope you re all queuing to buy - The Insect Cookbook.  It includes such lovely delicacies as the one shown here - a caramelised worm adorning a cupcake, or perhaps some earwigs in your muffin?  This cookbook, which is written in Dutch so unfortunately I won't be able to sue it, is seen as the first step in the revolution required to turn the world's ever burgeoning population onto the diet of insects - the only protein source likely to be able to sustain human life.

Takes a whole new look to hunter and gatherer.