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Sorry Mum I failed you

posted 8 Sept 2012, 13:53 by Maria Johnston   [ updated 9 Sept 2012, 01:30 by Sandra Kirby ]
I made one promise yesterday, and that was since I am couch bound all weekend I would at least metaphorically get off my lazy arse and update the blog!

So yesterday morning I got up to go to the loo in the wee early hours. It was dark and vision was limited. By the time I got back to bed I had a very sore foot. I checked it out, saw there was a little puncture wound, rubbed in antiseptic and went back to sleep. Unfortunately, two hours later my foot had swollen up and angry red lines started radiating towards my ankle. 

At about lunchtime my parents suggested that I take myself to a pharmacist... which I did (actually, Tim took me). The pharmacist took one look and refused to treat it, sending me straight to the emergency after hours clinic. $100 later I had been pumped full of intravenous antibiotics, give two different kinds to take for the next week, a repeat appointment for Monday and strict instructions to go to the hospital if it didn't get any better. The doctor couldn't tell if it was a spider bite or not - I'm hoping not because I haven't found the spider!

Here is the photo this morning - the infection tracking lines are still there but smaller and less angry looking.

Other than that, Tim & I are well and healthy. Tim is waiting for his interview for police college - should be in the next month or so. His application process should be complete by the end of the year (it's only taken since October 2011!) at which point, if he is accepted, he will go into the talent pool to wait for a placement in police college. We're hoping that will be sometime next year.

My work is good, I'm loving the challenge of actually using the skills I learnt in theory at uni, plus plenty of stuff that makes me wish I paid more attention in maths and science! All these vitamin and mineral combinations and bonds and stuff... I just smile and nod and then go off and google things to make sure I know what's going on!

Mark we have set up a joint savings account with the goal of doing one of these in 2014 -

We can add places on as we go depending on our budget but you can expect two guests in a little under 2 years!

I think that's it from me. Will let you know if things develop - if I don't see any improvement in my foot this morning I have to go back to A&E. I feel like such a wimp for such a tiny little wound - Adrian your scar is much more impressive!