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Sometimes you just don't win

posted 21 Jan 2013, 01:03 by Sandra Kirby
We are back from Auckland tonight.  Been a lovely weekend with Maria and Tim.  Welcome to Kirby family site Tim.
Spent quite a bit of time looking at houses.  Have 4 which we are actively following up.  Tiring task.
However as you saw from Tony's post we did more than house hunt.

Because we were in Auckland fitting that tonight's cautionary tale comes from NZ Herald, though from the States.  Man working in fast food restaurant in USA saw a customer being carjacked by knife wielding person.  Store attendant rushed out, disarmed carjacker, recused lady and became a local hero .  Unfortunately store found the publicity about their staff member disruptive and rather than reward his citizenship with an Emplyee of the Month or similar award they sacked him.  
That's tough.

Also in US we smiled over the news item that said there were a number of pro gun lobby gatherings and rallies over the weekend protesting at the proposed new gun sanctions and trying to show how safe guns are in the right hands.  Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) 5 people were accidentally injured during said rallies from things like guns going off accidentally or ammunition that misfired.  Such a safe pastime.