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Smart place

posted 29 Oct 2012, 01:38 by Sandra Kirby
We were watching the news tonight and saw that Whanganui has made the finalist for the smartest city in the world.  They are up against Philadelphia and Rio and somewhere in Albania.  This is not based in the fact that in the 1990s Whanganui produced the most successful ever Sale of the Century contestant, or that the same man later became the Mastermind champion.  Hamish - the Sale of the Century and Mastermind genius - still lives in Whanganui where he is a lawyer and in Council (not necessarily a sign of intelligence)
No apparently the reason that Whanganui is being credited with being smart is because it has multiple opportunities for people to be connected with IT - so it has free wireless Internet throughout the city, free computer access hubs and special IT homework centres among other things.

So despite electing stupid mayors like Michael Laws, stupid MPs like Cheater Burrows and having stupid discussions like how to ban people they don't like from visiting Whanganui is in fact the most intelligent place in Australasia!  Won't know if it is the most intelligent place in the world until next year.  The photo is one we took on our holiday there earlier this year - quite prophetic really