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Seven years in the dark

posted 4 Jul 2015, 03:54 by Sandra Kirby
Tonight we went to a concert - Bic Runga with Tiny Ruins. Tony knew Tiny Ruins - led by singer Hollie Fullbrook who voice has been likened to Joni Mitchell.  Anyway as we were sitting at Opera House and reading the review of the concert last night we found out that Bic Funga is pregnant.  And v pregnant at that - baby due in a month or so. Playing guitar looked v uncomfortable  - she had a scarf to sit between guitar and bump but it still looked uncomfortable but skilled

 This was somewhat surprising but to find this was her third pregnancy was the revelation.  She has a 6 year-old and a 2 year-old and a soon-to-be-year old.  Marie and I looked at each other and realised that neither of us read enough women's magazines - where else do these important things get recorded?  Did you know that Bic is now 39 and mother of 2 and a bit?  

Concert was great  - Tiny Ruins played first; Bic played a little after interval and then the combination for the rest of the second half.  The combination was the highlight - they sang their songs and covers from Simon & Garfunkel; Donovan and Yoko Ono.
Picture might show the Bic and Hollie Fullbrook (lead from Tiny Ruins) but doesn't show Bic's bump 
Marie and I may have been in the dark for seven years about Bic's sex life but probably not enough to start reading woman's magazines