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Seeing red

posted 31 Jul 2012, 02:51 by Sandra Kirby
Well you guys are lucky . . .

An ad that has created a big stir in NZ today is for ginger beer.  Now it is either v v clever marketing - because the publicity created by the furrow has increased the reach of this ad at least 1,000 fold.  Or it is crass and encourages negative stereotyping.  I'm picking it is the same advertising company as Hell Pizza use as the mythology is not dissimilar.

So message is "for unfortunate parents  of ginger spawn" can swop children for high quality ginger beer.

Interestingly the furore is as much over children being called spawn as it is for the running down of red heads.

But you guys are lucky - pretty sure they are only talking about red heads - not any red body hair!n