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Secret to happiness found

posted 5 Feb 2015, 00:56 by Sandra Kirby
In today's paper there was a report of a research study from The Netherlands that demonstrated that foods rich in tryptophan such as eggs, chicken, tofu and spinach made people more likely to donate money to charity.

Long been known that tryptophan converts to seratonin in the body and this has a positive effect on mood and wellbeing. Where the Dutch researchers extended known universe was by giving students the equivalent of 3 eggs worth of tryptophan and $25 Other students got a placebo and $25. The egg eaters were not only happier but they gave away some of their money to charity.  Of course there is other research that shows people who give money to charity are happier than those who don't. And people who volunteer are happier than those who don't So I guess in September if you eat eggs and nuts (both high in tryptophan); shake a bucket for Arthritis NZ and put money in said bucket you will be ecstatic.