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Sceptical despite delusional stories

posted 9 Jun 2014, 02:37 by Sandra Kirby
Richard Dawkins made headlines last week for his comments that as a society we are ruining/harming children by telling them fairy stories.
His argument is that it is pernicious to inculcate magic stories to children.  They should only be taught scientific truth - a frog being kissed and turned into a prince is statistically improbable and scientifically impossible so should be excluded from a child's life.  He also argues we should teach children a healthy dose of scepticism.  Personally I think that some of those fairy tales create sceptic children . . . 

Along the same kind of line I found a website that explores our kinds of interests
JM Barrie is thought to have modelled Peter Pan on the angel of death - the little boys who never grew up are in fact dead children Neverneverland is a metaphor for heaven (that would get Richard Dawkins going) 

So if Richard Dawkins had his way Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm, Maui and Rould Dahl all would be banished.  Along with hundreds of others.  Dr Suess would have no place in the bookshelf - Butter Battle wouldn't meet scientific criteria.  Aesop is out Given that virtually every culture has its own myths and legends I think Richard Dawkins has missed something about the human experience 

There is one similarity between Richard Dawkins and Tony - bet RDs children wouldn't get presents from Santa either!!  And I am with him on Lord of The Ring!

As a person who loves stories and watched you guys grow my sample would suggest you can grow very sceptical children through (or despite) fairy tales 

PS If you do look up the unifiedpoptheory website do look at the composite Dr Who