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Scarface Claw lives

posted 10 Oct 2013, 01:03 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 10 Oct 2013, 01:04 ]
In an article that sounds like the Divers Grey St neighbours there is a sign up in a New York street warning against the monster cat that lives in the neighbourhood
"if this is your cat do you know how aggressive it is?" How angry do you have to be to put up a notice like this.
In case we forget the Divers cat (which Tony calls a crat because it does look more rat like than catlike) is called Genghis and they have had delegations from the neighbours because of Genghis' aggressive nature.
All does remind me of "the toughest Tom in town" from Hairy McLairy books - Scarface Claw
What happens when Hairy and friends meet Scarface?

Off with a yowl,
a wail and a howl,
a scatter of paws
and a clatter of claws,
went Schnitzel von Krumm
with a very low tum,
Bitzer Maloney
all skinny and bony,
Muffin McLay
like a bundle of hay,
Bottomly Potts
covered in spots,
Hercules Morse
as big as a horse

Apart from terrorising Lily our cat doesn't have that effect!