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Quick call the Police Dad's being mean

posted 12 Jul 2012, 02:43 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 12 Jul 2012, 03:17 ]
Last night Adrian and I watched some of the Australian drama called The Slap - where an adult at a family BBQ slaps an obnoxious child.  And of course there are ramifications - is hitting someone elses's child ever justifiable?  Is hitting your own child?

In a life imitates art news story today a man in Christchurch has been questioned by Police - not for hitting his son but for stealing son's property.  Turns out son (aged around 16) has become a little preoccupied with his XBox and is playing XBox at the expense of his studies - grades slipping so Dad confiscates XBox.  I am presuming here that Dad provided XBox but I could be wrong.

To say son is upset appears to be the understatement of the year.  Son calls police and reports theft do XBox and names suspect.  Police turn up at Dad's work to interview him.  Son must have been v plausible.

Wonder how that night's conversation went.

Bet that after will never again say "go on then report me; see how far you get"