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Peace in 10,000 hands

posted 20 Sept 2014, 21:49 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 20 Sept 2014, 21:50 ]
On my way home from church this morning I was listening to a radio interviewer with an artiist who has spent the last few years travelling around the world with a white rose taking photographs of people with rose as part of global movement to increase peace.  I felt some wonder, as I often do, that this man with the support of his wife gave up his paid job, sold his house and used these funds to undertake the project which hadn't attracted any arts funding.  
Tonight some of the images will be screened on the walls of the Auckland Museum as the first of the public viewings for the project.

Rose was made of silk - so same rose could go through 10,000 hands
For those of us who won"t be at the Auckland Museum tonight you can see the project here