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One a penny, two a penny

posted 2 Apr 2015, 09:22 by Sandra Kirby
Sitting at Wellington airport waiting to board plane.  Very much looking forward to seeing Adrian in a very short space of time. Today is Good Friday, start of Easter holiday.  In past years you would have woken up to the smell of yeast as the hot cross buns were being made for today.  No eggs in our house until,Sunday.  With an increasingly secularised community the symbolism of hot cross buns and eggs is lost but people can still enjoy the flavours.  Judging by the crowds buying eggs and buns yesterday they haven't lost popularity. 
Kids Cakes, an old haunt of ours, has been named best hot cross bun maker again.. Nada now our local bakery is best in wellington 
Last year Tim and I did a hot cross bun bake off.  Maria and Tony declared it a draw . . . .no surprises there.  Real question - are Kidds or Nada better than homemade?
despite the rhyme a penny won't buy you two or even one hot cross bun(s). Inflation has a lot to answer for but trying to sing one a dollar, two a dollar just doesn't sound the same!!