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Older than . . .

posted 30 Dec 2015, 01:53 by Sandra Kirby
Today is my last day of being 56.  By tomorrow I will have outlived people such as Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Roger Miller Linda McCartney and Betty Grable.  These people were all said to have died before their time.
I find it amazing to think that Abraham Lincoln had been President for 4 years before he was my age.  Mind you current President is 3 years younger than me.  Average age of US Presidents at inauguration is 54.

There was another who was 56 when he died and we could say it wasn't soon enough - Adolf Hitler.  

So I will be older and hopefully wiser than  Hitler.  Older and hopefully safer than Abraham Lincoln; older and hopefully healthier than Steve Jobs  or Linda McCartney. 

I am the same age, possibly happier but not as well known as Dr Who (Peter Capaldi); Ellen de Generes and Madonna.

I have had, and plan on continuing to have a great life.  I have been loved and cherished from birth right through my adulthood.  I feel blessed - and you my dear family are a large part of the blessing.