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Number 1000

posted 24 Nov 2015, 00:11 by Sandra Kirby
This has been an unusual week for Tony and I.  Tony been in Chch since Saturday he got back to Wellington tonight.  I left Wellington this morning and get back Thursday night.  Nana arrives in Wellington before me and then of course it is the big weekend. Looking forward to seeing Adrian, Ginny, Maria and Tim this weekend.  Will definitely be a Mark & Stacey sized hole this weekend.
I am in Tauranga and it it is a beautiful evening.  The waterfront has been upgraded using wood from the Rena that capsized near here in 2011.  
In addition to the walkway there is a fountain and a statue.  When we take the dog for a walk in a dog park where dogs are off lead we refer to it as a Hairy McLary playground.  This one really was - complete with Bottomly Potts, Hercules Morse and so forth.  Children were loving it as you can see.

Well Mark - been more than 3 years since you set up and the blog. We have now 1000 blog entries.