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None Dare Call It Conspiracy

posted 29 May 2013, 22:26 by Adrian Kirby
I'm pretty upset that I have only today discovered that an extreme right wing sub-cult of Scientology with close links to the ACT Party existed under my nose in Christchurch my whole life and I had no idea (Mum and/or Dad may well know of them).
Brilliantly, their founder went by the name of John Ultimate and part of their teachings included the fact that Ultimate's house in Opawa was the centre of the universe... if this is true then God definitely has a quirky sense of humour. They were/are famous for attempting to root out the Communists hiding everywhere in New Zealand and having a membership that includes former ACT party members, corrupt Christchurch property developer David Henderson and (allegedly) Christchurch's reptillian mayor Bob Parker.
They also distributed the incredibly boring book None Dare Call It Conspiracy which, amazing name aside, describes a dull plan to create a New World Order via subjugating people through income tax and the US Treasury. I read it cover to cover one day whilst bored at Tim's house and it definitely didn't change my mood.