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New Job

posted 11 Aug 2012, 04:54 by Mark Kirby   [ updated 11 Aug 2012, 05:10 ]
Hi Family 

I have been taking the God approach to this blog - created it and then watched from afar. 
But I was always more in favor of interventionist gods anyway so here we are!

Started my new Job on Monday for the company Amherst in Berkeley square in Mayfair and, while it was sad to leave my old jobs (there were plenty of leaving dinners and drinks - see right), I must say that I am loving it thus far.

For starters it's about 10% of the workload I was doing before. I get about 5 or 6 problems a day and time enough to do them well. They have built their own software for managing  everything and so (almost) all the information required is at my fingertips which takes most of the frustration away. I've already done some things I never would have before - building a linux server and BT (Telecom) cabling! 

Berkeley Square is so money. 

There are Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce dealerships on the square and high end restaurants, fashion stores and hotels just off it. In fact I now visit (read: walk past) the Ritz a few times a day. Everyone there is pretty pimpin' with their designer clothes and whatnot so with this being one of London's two weeks of summer has made for some excellent people watching. 

In the Bentley dealership they were selling a pair of sun glasses for £8,400. Seems expensive but when you are adding it on to the price of your new Bugatti Veyron, £750,000, it seems like pocket change. The Veyron does look very nice though. 


Well that's all for now. I'll try to post a little more in the future. Still have to do one for our last Holiday!

Love you all!


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