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Never in my superman suit

posted 16 Oct 2013, 01:47 by Sandra Kirby
This week is ACC safety awareness week.  As part of the promotion there is a major campaign promoting an injury forecast app.  So I tried it 
There are many questions to answer 
  • What is your sex?
  • What is your age?
  • How do you get to work?
Yes all of this seems reasonable Some of the other questions seem a little more obscure 
  • Have you ever been injured by remote control helicopter (we know these are dangerous)
  • Have you been injured while imitating a superhero?
  • You can see how well the site recognises me - the picture looks just like me!!
Apparently I have a 0.006% chance of slipping on a sarong and no chance of being injured while playing volleyball.
My most likely injury is to my back
The one area where there is a sense of "they might be onto something" I have a 36.9% chance of falling down stairs!
I still just want to look like the picture in the site . . .