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posted 25 Jan 2014, 18:46 by Tony Kirby   [ updated 25 Jan 2014, 19:06 ]
We have been to several movies (most likely three) over the last couple of weeks.

Philomena (with Adrian) was another Judy Dench regular...we wonder what she is on to keep her going through so many movies at nearly 80! Enough said about that other than it was enjoyed.

Nebraska starts with the premise that an aging and senile old man believes he has won a million dollars and the movie (all in B & W) starts with him walking along a road in the snow. Amazingly, considering a lack of real story line and lots of depressing was a nice character study and we got to see a different side of small town America (vindicating my having avoided it all these years). The nice thing about senility as I head for sixty (he was closer to 80!) is that it seems to be mostly other people's problem. Sad with Gran out there tho, and no happy endings.

If you like old American movies with evil, constantly shouting 
Japanese soldiers who spend a large part of the movie brutalizing noble Allies, Railway Man is your movie. Good storyline and thoughtful ending lifted it but depressingly I  suspect torturers never lose much sleep about their evil deeds as they become so desensitized... not like this guy.
Colin Firth did well as did his double from 40 years before who looked a bit like Clark Kent minus muscles.