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Memorable conference presentations

posted 7 Sept 2015, 03:19 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 7 Sept 2015, 03:24 ]
I spent the weekend at the Rheumatology conference - an annual event that is not my favourite activity but none-the-less an important event in calendar.  This year conference was in Queenstown which is hardly a trial.  Would have been nicer with company of my choice.
I went with the aim of not offending any rheumatologists and did quite well - apart from the one who hit me over the head with a menu! 

As always at a conference there were a range of presentations - some interesting and some dry.
I got some new words like Zauberkugel which was coined by Nobel Prize winner Paul Erlich and means to find a medicine with no side effects.  I discovered that magic bullets were in fact fossilised sea creatures that become dislodged in southern England after thunderstorms (and are shaped like bullets) In medieval times these were thought to cure rheumatism in men and horses (not so sure about women) 
One of the presenters had found this website
and used many of them through his presentation. I liked this pie chart
But equally good were the shampoo ones; the fez; zombie apocalypse and why I am wearing a jacket