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Meeting a hero

posted 23 May 2016, 19:53 by Sandra Kirby

Give and take: the joys of generosity-based marketing Today as part of the ordinary daily activity I met with a man called Charlie Daily.  So far, so ordinary.  Charlie is CEO of a company that produces a product that is meant to help osteoarthritis - hence my meeting.  We did the chit chat on getting to know you - what brought you from Washington to Wellington (answer was love).  Turns out this Charlie is someone we know of by reputation - actually Stacey probably doesn't but everyone else will.  

Charley created Wholly Bagels after finding that, for all the delights that New Zealand offers, including his wife, he couldn’t get his favourite food here. So he set out on a mission to bring us bagels. He went to the States determined to learn everything about bagel production before returning in 1998 to open the first Wholly Bagels store in Wellington.  Wholly Bagels now a national franchise - Charley sold it in 2012.

I think jalapeno cheddar with cream cheese and sundried tomato is my favourite one.  As a family we have enjoyed various Wholly Bagel stores around Wellington - coffee is good too.  he didn't learn that in the States!

Charley still looks just like this picture.  Nice guy - passionate about his product