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Manukau Heads visit

posted 1 Jan 2016, 11:50 by Tony Kirby   [ updated 1 Jan 2016, 11:51 ]
Just a reflection on our day, Sandra's birthday!

Great day with a relaxed start and the journey out to Manukau Heads. It was a warm day and Sandra was really keen to do a walk and go somewhere new on her birthday! Our drives out to new places and to Orere Point have reminded us forcefully how beautiful the country surrounding Auckland is.  Sad to think of course that much of it, some also fantastic market gardening land, is being consumed by Auckland's expansion. The walk turned out to be very easy...there was some discussion prior about whether 120 stairs meant 120 steps or 120 sets of steps. The former!

Got there just in time as a dozen or so boy racers left to head back to the city...the road might have become a bit narrower with them coming the other way.

Manukau Heads proved frustratingly hard to photograph, because of its scale. So here I have just included a panorama at actual size.
The other picture, also a panorama, is of the cityscape as seen coming back from our Mission Bay Mexican meal. Taken on my phone, I had to scale it down. Note the accidental visitors on the left.